Sunday, November 17, 2013

Videos from the Bagpipe Competition at Gela 2013

Videos from the Bagpipe Competition at Gela 2013 on our video chanel:

The 100 KABA GAYDi - ybvNY project

Good to know helps Kaba Gaida fans beyond the Atlantic. The 100 KABA GAYDi - ybvNY project currently has 34 kaba gaida students and is going bigger. Contact them on the ir facebook page

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

40 Gaida Scored Ready

We have prepared 40 gaida scores with songs, horo, sitnezhi, suits. Each score include printable PDF and video demonstrationg with Sibelius Software. Enjoy them for free on

We are planing to complete more 60 next few months.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Preparations for the Kaba Gaida Competition at Gela 2013

Few weeks remain to the competition. This year it will be on 3th and 4th of August.

Probably most of the participants are playing everyday, all day long. We wish them good luck.

The competition is very important for the Kaba gaida community:

  • popularises the instrument and the music
  • the beginner players can learn from the professional ones
  • good place for networking and experience sharing
  • international bagpipers come to watch
  • great performances can be heard
These are the reasons is sponsoring the competition this year.

One of our targets is to record the competition and to make it public on YouTube. Unfortunately we do not have a camera and camera man, so if somebody is going to record, please contact us.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy birthday for a very first time

For our first birthday (19.01) I would like to highlight our achievements for the past year:
- Fully functional web site with 81 facebook fans
- More than 25 songs and dance fragments (sitnezhi) notated for Kaba Gaida, uploaded for free download on the site
- 5 people got help from us to get quality Kaba Gaida abroad
- We started to write a Kaba Gaida handbook ( for all the people that want to learn about Kaba Gaida
- We created a band to support the project
- 75$ of donations (which means a lot to us. Than you!)

Big thanks to (random order): Kostadin and Hristo Gerdzhikovi, Yanko Marangozov, Nikolai Beliashki, Valentina Dobreva and all the people that support us!

What we want for the new year is to continue these activities and:
- upload at least 100 songs for free download
- upload instructions on how to learn playing from scores
- finish the Kaba Gaida Handbook
- go to
- more and more!